4 Reasons Why Hurrem Sultan and Empress Ki were similar (Part 1)

Empress Ki and Hurrem Sultan. The former is the Empress consort of the last Emperor of the Yuan dynasty in China, while the latter is the first ever “Empress Consort” of the Ottoman Empire.

Although from different countries and times, these two women are exceptional examples who managed to gain hold of power in foreign soils.

What were Empress Ki and Hurrem Sultan like in real history? How were their stories similar?

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When I became a history lover, I began to wonder whether different people and things in the history of different countries could be similar. That is why I started this blog, to share the shockingly similar stories of different historical figures with you.

There are many similarities between different historical figures around the world. Likewise, there are just as many similarities between different cultures.

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“With history as a mirror, one can understand the rise and fall of a nation.”

Emperor Taizong of Tang

History is a record of the past, the paths humans have walked, mistakes humans have made, and success humans have achieved.

Looking into the past, we learn how to become better, and how to progress into the future.

That is why history is the key to both the present and the future.

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